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Swift Tide

Legal Counseling:

Crystal enjoys helping clients make legal decisions that make good business sense.  Representative counseling matters include:

  • Drafting contract terms to ensure clarity of the parties’ rights and obligations;

  • Drafting waiver and release forms that protect a company from liability;

  • Documenting an employment issue that has arisen and counseling the client to minimize exposure; and

  • Negotiating resolution of a dispute before litigation.

She has also represented companies and individuals throughout the country before federal and state courts and government agencies, and in alternative dispute resolution. Should the need arise, Crystal is experienced in litigating a broad array of matters, and in helping the client use litigation as a tool for achieving business goals.



Crystal’s significant litigation experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a broad array of legal matters provides a sophisticated backdrop for her mediation practice. She uses her substantial experience to promote practical settlements that account for the size of the matter at issue; the business and personal objectives of the parties; and that make logical, emotional and economic sense.

Crystal has successfully mediated contract disputes, employment disputes, real property issues, personal injury claims, and more. She is a determined and invested mediator who prides herself on working hard to help the parties achieve lasting resolution, a benefit to the courts and the community.

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